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Farrah Fire Talks About Friendship with Dead Boys Producer Genya Ravan and Her Album Darkness City

Episode 16: Zonk meets up with Farrah Fire in Brooklyn, New York to continue their conversation about her latest album “Darkness City”. Farrah shares how a chance encounter with Genya Ravan inspired her to create her album and led to Genya producing the album. Genya Ravan is known for her production work with the hardcore punk rock band, Dead…

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Farrah Fire shares Music from “Darkness City” and talks with Zonk about CBGB and Hilly Kristal

Episode 12 Welcome Farrah Fire, the Heavy Metal Rock n’ Roller and Avante Garde Artist, to the Show! Tune in for some fresh music by Farrah Fire from her project “Darkness City”. Later, she speaks with Zonk about memories of CBGB, the legendary Punk Rock club, and the late founder Hilly Kristal. She describes the final night at CBGB…

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Christos DC Talks About Ups and Downs of Music Biz With Zonk

Episode 9 Follow Up Conversation with Christos DC of Honest Music Christos DC let’s listeners know about the highs and lows of the reggae industry and updates his fans on his latest recording projects. He talks about the challenges of producing your own music. Fresh Bonus Material: Environmental Commentary by Zacko Zacko talks about immediate and long term dangers…

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