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Christos DC Talks About Ups and Downs of Music Biz With Zonk

Episode 9 Follow Up Conversation with Christos DC of Honest Music Christos DC let’s listeners know about the highs and lows of the reggae industry and updates his fans on his latest recording projects. He talks about the challenges of producing your own music. Fresh Bonus Material: Environmental Commentary by Zacko Zacko talks about immediate and long term dangers…

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John Penley, Photographer and Activist, Talks Occupy Wall Street, Keith Haring, and the History of Music and Protest in the Lower East Side

Episode 8 Zonk catches up with John Penley, the activist and photographer, to get more insight into Occupy Wall Street, Keith Haring and to discuss the history of music and protest in the Lower East Side.

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Return of Yippie Pie Man, Aron Kay Talks Occupy Wall Street, Featuring Music by The Swell Fellas

Episode 7 Aron Kay, the Yippie Pie Man, returns to talk about his experience with Occupy Wall Street. The Swell Fellas also make another appearance, playing more live music.

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Desi Hyson Recounts his Days with the Original Wailers & Foreign Policy Analyst Frank Lowe Discusses North Korea

Episode 3 Desi Hyson, keyboardist and vocalist for the band Original Wailers with Junior Marvin and Al Anderson. He also was a key member in both of the bands Culture and Moja Nya. Zonk speaks with Frank Lowe, Foreign Policy Expert, on North Korea and the ongoing fallout from the Korean War.

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Zonk talks with the Yippie Pie Man Aron Kay and Catches Up with The Swell Fellas, a Band from Ocean City, MD

Episode 2 Aron Kay the Yippie Pie Man throws pies in the face of Howard Hunt and Phyllis Schlafly. Zonk interviews Connor (lead guitar), Mark (bassist) and the rest of the gang in the band The Swell Fellas.

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HR from HR Human Rights and Bad Brains, Desi Hyson from Wailers and Culture, and a Report from the Climate Rally

Conversations with: HR from HR Human Rights and Bad Brains Desi Hyson from the original Wailers and Culture Bonus material: Report from Climate Rally

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